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The Iittala Glass Capital is a cozy destination for the whole family! It is less than a two hour’s drive away from both Helsinki and Tampere, by road no 3. Here you can observe the making of Finnish design classics, and shop and relax in a calm environment, or explore the history of it all at the Iittala Design Museum!



Iittala Glass Capital is the center of Finnish glass-making and home to the largest operating Finnish glass factory. Besides, the chocolate-factory of Iittala-based Kultasuklaa, a smaller Finnish chocolatier, is located in the Glass Capital. The premises also hold Finland’s biggest and most popular naïve art summer exhibition (“Naivistit Iittalassa”) with long traditions and paintings from front-line Finnish naïve artists.

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Iittala Glass Capital

Könnölänmäentie 2
14500 Iittala, Finland
Info and guided tour booking: p. 020 439 6230

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